About Us

An Aggressive, Specialized Practice For Railroad Workers

Railroad work is demanding and dangerous under the best of circumstances. Rather than take substantive steps to provide a safer workplace, railroads are becoming increasingly aggressive in defending themselves from injury claims, even when they are clearly at fault. A worker hurt on the job immediately faces critical choices about which procedures to follow to protect their rights. At stake is the ultimate recovery and often their ability to provide for their family.

Call Us Immediately: No Charge Or Obligation

Our railroad team provides injured railroad workers advice based on years of experience gained by battling railroads for over one-quarter of a century. As Union Designated Legal Counsel, the team prides itself in being available as a free, no obligation resource to advise railroad workers from day one. Since early choices can profoundly affect the success of a claim, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for a frank assessment of your situation and our best advice on how to proceed.

Counselors Who Care

Years of experience in railroad law has shown our team the importance of being a reassuring advisor for clients caught up in difficult and complex circumstances. We make accessibility and sensitivity a standard part of all that the firm does.

Easy Access To Our Team

Easy and timely access to your legal team is essential in the fast-moving and confusing process of negotiations and litigation.

Experienced Field Representatives

Because we handle cases in multiple geographical locations, the Darby Law Group Railroad team includes five Field Representatives. These veteran railroaders are available to meet with you to investigate the specific circumstances surrounding your claim. They will prepare a report covering all critical important information and assist you throughout the case. With more than 150 years of combined railroad experience among them, you can be confident our Field Representatives will quickly understand your situation and the details needed for a successful resolution.

A member of our team is available to meet at any location convenient to you. The main office of Darby Law Group is located in Baltimore.