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Matt Darby has represented injured railroad workers for over 25 years, and therefore knows the industry and various laws that apply. Unlike other personal injury cases, workers in this industry are protected under specific legislation that recognizes their unique contribution to the economy and the special risks involved in railroad work. That law, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), was passed in 1908 and considered by some to be the country’s first major social legislation. While FELA did much to improve safety for workers, railroads still developed policies to discourage claims, such as firing workers who reported injuries regardless of their own negligence. In an effort to curb these practices, in 2008 Congress passed the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA), typically called the Whistleblower Law. Matt Darby has relied upon this law to help many railroad employees impacted by the unfair employment practices of the various railroad.

Backing up Matt is a team of five veteran railroad workers who serve as Legal Field Representatives conveniently located to visit clients and their worksites when appropriate. We aggressively approach each case to achieve optimal results. Darby Law Group prides itself in developing a close working relationship with each client, walking them through each stage of the process, from consultation through court and, when necessary, appeal. We work tirelessly to ensure each client’s needs are fully met, questions clearly answered and that they feel cared for, heard, and responded to every step of the way.

Darby Law Group has a reputation for unwavering commitment to clients, integrity, and delivering optimum results. Many of our cases come from referrals from satisfied clients to their railroad co-workers.

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    Cases We Handle


    Traumatic Injuries (FELA)

    Railroad work is demanding, dangerous and injury-prone under the best of circumstances. When a railroad fails to meet its obligation to provide its employees with a safe place to work, serious injury can result.


    Cumulative Trauma Disorders (FELA)

    Railroad work is very physically demanding under the best of circumstances. However, when a railroad ignores basic ergonomic work principles, injury often results.


    Railroad Whistleblower Claims (FRSA)

    Railroad employees have long recognized that their employers have a well-established culture of harassment and intimidation with regard to the reporting of work related injuries and safety issues in general.


    Conductor & Engineer Certification Issues

    Railroad engineers and conductors are subject to certification under 49 CFR Part 240 (engineers) and 49 CFR Part 242 (conductors).