Meet Our Field Representatives


Jack McGough

Chief Field Representative

Jack was hired with the Pennsylvania Railroad as a trainman in 1964. From 1969 to 1973, he was Supervisor of Freight Train Operations. Jack worked as a conductor from 1973 to 1995 with Penn Central and then Conrail. He was elected Vice-Local Chairman of United Transportation Union Local 300 in 1980, and served in that capacity until he was elected Local Chairman in 1988. Jack served as Local Chairman until 2002 and remains active in assisting Local 300 members as well as the members of other railroad locals. Since 1995, he has utilized his vast experience in the railroad industry to help railroad employees in his capacity as a law firm Field Representative.


Ray Cunningham

Field Representative

Ray began his 42 year railroad career after graduating from high school and attending Tyler Community College. He originally hired on with SCL Railroad, which later became CSX Transportation, Inc. Ray transferred to Amtrak Passenger Service in 1986 and served as Local Chairman of UTU Local 1933 for 32 years. He was the UTU Director of Human Rights for 10 years. In capacity, Ray traveled nationwide and mediated Human Rights and Diversity issues in the workplace. During the course of his railroad career, he worked with the Safety Team and also helped organize and implement Operation Red Block. In 2008, Ray received an Administrative Litigation Certification from the California Federal School of Law. Since his retirement from Amtrak, Ray has remained involved with the UTU and the General Committee in addition to helping railroad employees in his capacity as a law firm Field Representative.


Dave Brooks

Field Representative

David began his 43-year railroad career as a Brakeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad after graduating from High School. He continued to work freight service with Penn Central and Conrail until he transferred to Amtrak passenger service in 1976. David served as UTU Local Chairman in the Northeast Corridor for 28 years. He was often called to other areas for high profile trials and also served as a UTU representative on the NTSB for major train accidents. David taught at the Texas A&M University fire training center as a guest instructor where he helped author the manual that the university published on Passenger Train Emergency Evacuation. He was a member of the team that designed the new Amtrak high speed Acela cars, using his job experience to facilitate ease of use for trainmen. David worked with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and was an active member of Rail Safety Advisory Committees (RSAC). Those committees developed four sections of the Federal Code of Regulations for railroads: Passenger Train Equipment Standards, Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness, Conductor Certification, and Federal Guidelines for Passenger Hours of Service. He has testified before a Congressional Committee on passenger train safety. Since his retirement from Amtrak, he stays involved with the FRA and UTU International as well as utilizing his vast experience in the railroad industry to help railroad employees in his capacity as a law firm Field Representative.


Dave Levkulich

Field Representative

Dave began his 38 year railroad career in 1974 as a brakeman for Penn Central and conductor with Conrail. He worked in Passenger Service out of Pittsburgh, and was the Passenger Local Chairman from 1980 to 1984. After transferring to freight service, he was elected as Vice-Local Chairman of Local 1412 in 1990, and became Local Chairman of Local 1412 in 1991. In 1993 Local 1412 was merged with Local 1006 where he remained as Local Chairman until retirement in 2013. During his service for the railroad, he served on the Safety Committee and STOP Signal Committee for a number of years on the Pittsburgh Division. He still assists members of Local 1006 whenever possible.

Fred Cox

Fred Cox

Field Representative

I hired out as a brakeman in Baltimore, Maryland on August 6, 1976. Transferred from train service to engine service in March of 1978 and earned promotion to locomotive engineer in January of 1980. From 1993 until retirement, I was an active and involved union leader who held numerous elected offices for the BLET. In 1992, I began serving Division 52 as President, and in 1993, I was elected Local Chairman of Division 52. In 2008, I was elected Alternate Vice General Chairman of the Conrail General Committee of Adjustment (GCA). Following Norfolk Southern and CSX’s split of Conrail, I was elected 2nd Vice General Chairman of the NS Southern Lines Committee in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. I was elected 1st Voice General Chairman of the NS Southern Lines Committee in 2019, a position I held until retirement in 2021. As a full-time Union Officer, my duties lay primarily in arbitration. I have written over 700 Public Law Board submissions and I have personally presented the Organizations position at tribunal more than 300 times. I have been married to my wife Judy for 32 years. We have three children, Melissa, John and Courtney. Three grandchildren Samantha, Benjamin and Kenzlie. On top of spending time with family, Judy and I love traveling the USA in search of perfect beaches, and we’ve found quite a few! I still enjoy getting in an occasional ride on my old Harley and I always enjoy a good cigar!